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My (Andrea Alessi) former webpage =) I really can not keep this updated anymore, so i am just clearing it out from everything! Just feel free to contact me at knu · at · evolvedlabs.com if you need to get in touch!


Graduated in Computer Networks and Computer System's Security at the University of Milan in 2007 (Polo di Crema), and after successfully getting my Master Degree in Computer Game Development at the University of Verona, I currently live in northern Italy where i work at 3DFlow as core software developer (having fun with many technologies on many different projects).

I also helped a few open source projects with the Italian translations, the most notable are MojoSetup by Ryan Gordon aka icculus (launchpad link) and Viking GPS (launchpad link).

A long long time ago, used to translate news and write articles on blizzardplayer, at the time the only official Blizzard Fansite in Italy.

You can see my full bio on my linkedin page.

Other stuff that used to be here:

Il Sacrificio - unofficial "The Sacrifice" left 4 dead comic Italian translation i made with La Tigre Tascabile.

I used to host some pictures, here and on deviantart, that i took on my travels. Since some were ripped off and sold on stock images marketplaces, i simply took it down. If by chance you came here by following some actualling authorized (and credited link) and wish to contact me for right of use, feel free to shoot me an email. But pictures are no longer published here.

Everything else is just plainly outdated or no longer relevant. If you really need something that used to be here, feel free to contact me and i might (or not) be able to help you.

Want to buy this domain?

Since lately i am getting often inquiries about the domain i will consider your offer, if you really are interested in buying this domain. If you wish to make your offer, feel free to contact me at knu · at · evolvedlabs.com - please avoid lowballing, no need to waste both our time :)